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Plastic Profile Extrusion Line

PVC price tag holder extrusion machine


PVC price tag holder extrusion machine

PVC price tag holder extrusion machine

Using two extruder co-extrusion,high speed, good quality. Price tag holder up layer use transparent material,bottom layer use colored material.

Application: Produce pvc price tag holder in the market shelf. 

Machine consist of:

1,Single screw extruder


3,Die head and calibration mould

4,Calibration table

5,Haul-off machine

6,Cutting machine


8,Mixing machine

Single screw extruders co-extrusion:

Vacuum Calibration Table: With calibration mould on it. Vacuum pump and water pump make sure the pvc profile shaped well.

Haul-off Machine and Laminating device:  Price tag need to laminate glue for sticking to the shelf;

Cutting Machine

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